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Shoot Like a Girl Talks About the Importance of Women in Shooting Sports on Two Radio Shows at the Field and Stream Deer and Turkey Expo, Madison, Wisconsin

Shoot Like A Girl is proud to have been featured on two live radio interviews at the Field and Stream Deer and Turkey Expo is Madison, Wisconsin on April 5thand 6th, 2013!   


The first interview was with Shoot Like A Girl’s President and Founder, Karen Butler on Upfront with Vicki McKenna.  Butler was able to drive home the fact that women feel empowered when they participate in shooting sports, and they are vital to the preservation of our hunting heritage, and paramount to the industry’s success in changing the discussion in politics concerning firearms.  She also talked about the importance of a personal protection plan.  This interview is available at opening segment).

The second interview was with Karen Butler and her Operations Officer, Cristy Crawford.  This interview on Ultimate Outdoors Radio and talked about the importance of getting mom’s out hunting, and the progression of women in shooting sports; plus Cristy demonstrates an exceptional duck feeder call.  Available online at the middle of the show). 

Vicki McKenna is one of Wisconsin’s most listened to Conservative Talk Radio Show Hosts, for more information about Upfront with Vicki McKenna visit  Ultimate Outdoors Radio is a partnership between three guys who like to spend time outdoors: Wally Banfi, Terry Frey and Gary N-Ski. Each brings a unique set of talents, experiences and perspectives to the team, find out more at

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