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Scentblocker SOLA Product Reviews

 Overall I am very happy with scent blocker product. The company’s reputation and quality clothing and apparel give me confidence to camouflage my physical appearance while maintaining odor control. In the recent past, I have been wearing a dream season scent blocker jacket and pant for all my warm weather hunting.  However I am so excited with Scent Blockers advancement and focus on women’s apparel.  There is so much versatility and options to choose from!

I recently wore the Sola Women’s Recon shirt.  Two weeks ago I travelled to Manitoba to go on a black bear hunt and decided to pack this shirt “just in case” the weather happened to be warm, I was anticipating cool temperatures.  I am so glad that I did, because the temperatures were unseasonably warm (upper 70’s, 80’s, even close to 90!).  This is a system layer 1 item, meaning you can wear this as your base layer and add additional clothing on top as the temperatures fall.  This is the only thing I needed in the stand the majority of the time due to the warm temperatures. The material was very comfortable against my bare skin.  As the temperatures rose it did great wicking away any moisture while maintaining it’s odor control qualities and the vents on the back helped to keep me cool.
I recently acquired the Sola Women’s Ripstop Recon Ball cap.  This hat is very comfortable!  It’s adjustable loop in the back makes it easy to find a comfortable fit.  I have longer hair, so it was great to be able to put my hair through the back loop to protect it from the thick branches in the Manitoba bush.
I recently purchased the Sola Women’s Knock Out Jacket & Pant to replace my outdated dream season Scent Blocker jacket & pant.  This set is a system layer 3, meaning you can wear for warm temps, or add additional layers underneath for those cooler temperatures.  I absolutely love this set!  It is extremely comfortable and has all the great qualities odor control and camouflaging my physical appearance.  My favorite feature of the jacket is the slit in the back; it was a perfect fit for my Lady Pro Hunter Safety System Strap.  I can conceal my harness all while maintaining my safety while in the stand.  The jacket and the pants have an assortment of pockets.  I found the side zipper entry to the cargo pockets on the pants very handy!
I love the Sola Women’s Fleece Watch Cap for those cooler Midwest temps.  I have worn this hat a number of times while out whitetail hunting during early season.  I plan to wear this hat all season long.  The fleece is incredibly soft and quiet, and the contoured ear design helps to keep my ears protected from the extreme temps.  I love the ponytail slit in the back of the hat, it makes it additional comfortable to be able to pull my long hair back and out of the way.  The trinity feature also helps to prevent any scent that my hair may give off.
I recently added the Sola Women’s Trinity Glove to replace the unisex glove that I currently use.  I have found it difficult to find a comfortable, well fitting glove for my hands.  The search is over!  These gloves are very comfortable!  I like the long cuff; it helps to keep my hands/wrists warm in the cool Midwest temps.  The smart touch thumb and forefinger feature comes in handy when I’m checking in with the family while sitting in the stand; I no longer have to remove my gloves for that!  The honeycomb pattern grip is a great feature to prevent my hands from slipping while climbing into the stand or while holding my bow.
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