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Hogue Cases and Shooting Pad Product Review

by April Mack
Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE archery including hunting, 3-d courses, plain old 5-spot targets and now even a bit of competition.  However, every once in a while I will change to my firearm of choice and hone my skills on shotguns, rifles and pistols.
I recently was afforded the opportunity to try out Hogue gun cases and shooting pads.
Ok, I’ll admit, I am somewhat of a brand snob.  If I find a brand I like – quality, reputation, comfort and functionality – I stick with it.  Yes, even those a little more expensive.  I believe it makes more sense to pay a little more up front once then continually paying lesser amounts more frequently.
I have found my gun case brand!  

Hogue is a family owned business and has been around for 30 years, bringing 35 years of experience to the table.  Hogue is used by leading gun manufacturers as well as the go-to guys for law enforcement.  They are so confident in the product they create, it is guaranteed or they will refund your money back.  Not only do you get amazing quality, their products are more than affordable.

So, why do I believe in this product?
·      High quality stitching

·      Heavy duty Velcro closures (This is not your 2 year olds shoe Velcro!)
·      Large zipper grip and teeth (I am not the most gentle, so I need something that can handle being yarded on!)
·      The entire case itself is made of strong nylon fabric
·      Thick padding to protect your firearm 
·      Heavy duty D-rings for the carrying straps which is also a strong nylon material
·      Very roomy cases
·      Plenty of pockets for all your accessories

·      The gun pad is very solid, heavy duty, non-slip rubber
    Over all this is a strong, sturdy product.  I am very impressedwith the quality of Hogue.

On a side note, Hogue makes SO much more than just cases, check them out at:
You can also read more about April at and click on Pro Staff. 
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