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Danner High Ground Boots Product Review

by Beth Edwards

I have had my Danner High Ground Boots for a couple of months now and enjoy wearing them in the woods any chance I get. I live in south Alabama, so temperature extremes are sometimes a problem. During early hunting season we are in the woods walking in the heat and through thick underbrush. My Danner boots are so comfortable and don’t make my feet feel like I am walking on a griddle or give me problems with sticks and thorns. So far, my Danner boots have kept my feet comfortable and dry whether I am walking through creeks or hiking trails. Comfort has always been a challenge for me with any shoe, boots included, but these are ultra comfortable. Danner has hit the mark with these High Ground Boots and I can wear them all day with no foot fatigue. I expect in the cooler months to come I will not have a problem with the cold just as I have not had a problem with the heat.

I love the Mossy Oak Beak Up Infinity pattern of these boots and the high ankle support design. As an active hunter, these boots are the perfect compliment to my camouflage gear during archer and firearm season. Not only do the boots feel great, they look great too. I could not have asked for a better boot to wear. Thank you Danner Boots, I plan to continue wearing this product for a long time!

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