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Hunt Like A Girl Experience

Hunt Like A Girl turkey season is just around the corner. Below please find a quick read from one of our Instructor Staff on a hunt we hosted last year. Be on the look out for the upcoming Hunt Like A Girl/Beretta USA Turkey Hunt Contest. One lucky winner will be joining us in Kansas this year, chasing the infamous Thunder Chicken.

We left for the hunt early, well before sun up. This is Hunt Like A Girl.

We were hunting Thunder Chickens, and so far they had eluded us. They were there alright, gobbling off in the distance from their roost in the trees. Dressed head to toe in TrueTimber Strata SHE Outdoor gear and with a Beretta A400 Extreme Plus over my shoulder we quietly made our way to the blind. The guide, Ashleigh and I quickly settled in, situated ourselves and then waited for the sun to come up. For me that is always the magical hour. Dawn is when the world comes alive. To me the the dawn of a new day symbolizes a new beginning… a fresh start. Experiencing the start of a new day is truly one of the things I love most about hunting. 1st critter to join us was a woodpecker working on a hole in a near by tree. Next lots of Red Cardinals.

Some people believe that when Cardinals appear, angels are near.

I have always embraced that sentiment. Our guide made a few calls and again we waited. Suddenly they appeared! Hen, hen, hen, hen, hen …. I waited for a big Tom to bring up the rear. My heart was pounding. Any minute now….. the hens were well within range and I was ready.  One by one the girls exited to my left. No Tom. The woodpecker started up again as my heartbeat started to return to normal. The sun continued to rise, gold light filtering through the the delicate leaves on the trees. Hunt Like A Girl.

A perfect day in the field. 

. “Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.” – Fred Bear


Are you planning on going afield this year? Check out this story on Preparing For a Hunt. Also, check out the True Timber SHE Outdoor Striker Elite Turkey Vest for Ladies, sold at Bass Pro Shops.

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