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Why Do People Carry Knives?

Many carry a knife for the utility of it.

What are some of the reasons people may carry a knife? I posed this question to my friends and there were a wide variety of answers. Some of those answers I expected, but I was surprised by a few as well. There was one reason they all gave; they carry a knife for the utility of it. Some of those utility uses are having a tool, readily available in your pocket to cut, pry, screw, or saw something at work, for example. Maybe getting into that stubborn bag of chips during your lunch break at work is easier with that knife in your pocket. Or the grease under your nails needs cleaned, so the pocket knife comes out without even thinking about it.

For the hunters, carrying a knife is essential for field dressing or processing game. For the fishing folks, knives can be great for scaling or fileting fish. Or cutting that line after the inevitable lost lure needs replaced. Those that love to shop need a knife as well to open those shipping boxes or those stubborn plastic packaging that everything seems to come in these days.

Prepping for Hunting Season and cant get that box open, grad aknife. Success!

Some more reasons to carry a knife may be more of an older tradition, such as having it handy to sit on the front porch and whittle away at a stick to pass the time.

And for some its a simple as cutting off a piece of an apple that fell off the tree in the summer breeze. That knife in your pocket might also be a sign of your love for your sweetheart as you carve your initials into the tree at your favorite spot or carving a butterfly into the wooden seat at your hunting blind while you watch for those deer. Maybe that knife in your pocket was passed down to you through generations and you carry it for sentimental reasons. 

And last but certainly not least, some people choose to carry a knife for self-defense

They are easy to conceal, easy to buy, and can go in most places that other self-defense options may not be allowed. Some people may feel more comfortable carrying a knife. It might feel more natural in the hand than other weapons, for example, but keep in mind a knife fight is close quarters and often gruesome.

What tools do you have on your nightstand at night?

With so many options and endless uses, many people carry a knife every single day. From opening an envelope to defending yourself and those you love against a lethal attack; it truly is the most versatile tool that fits right in your pocket! You can read about another one of our team mates knife experiences in the article, SOG Keyring Knife.

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