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Pilar Cobb – A Caring Leader Who Coaches Others to be Successful

Pilar Cobb has been with SLG2, Inc since 2021, and is an Event Manager, and serves as a member of the Safety Council.

How and/or why did you get started in shooting sports?

My first real experience with firearms was during my enlistment in the Army.  It wasn’t until later in life I returned to recreational shooting when our son joined the military and shooting was something fun that we enjoyed together.  I started taking a variety of lessons and after about a year, several friends wanted to join in. I was nearing retirement from a career in the Health and Fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and Wellness and Nutritional Coach, and I felt I could continue coaching but in a new field I really loved!  

I realized at that point there were very few female instructors in our area so I pursued becoming a certified instructor with the NRA and USCCA, to include Training Counselor with USCCA.  I have been a Firearms Instructor since 2017.

Why are you passionate about working with SLG2, Inc?

Why are you passionate about working for SLG2:

Many of our guests aren’t familiar with shooting sports, and they come with little or no experience.  Many are nervous, intimidated, curious, and perhaps a few are frightened.  They may not share their stories but we have the privilege to share in their successes, the excitement, the smiles, the tears, and see them walk away after their experience with more confidence and the eagerness to learn more. 

When not shooting, what do you like to do?

I love spending time with family and friends.  We have 4 grandchildren that we spend time with as often as we can. I enjoy going to the gym, exercising outdoors, reading, gardening, and am up for any new adventures that come my way!

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