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Jessie Wagoner

I grew up and have lived in Nebraska my whole life. I’ve been married to my husband Chad for 16 years.  I have a wonderful step daughter and two doggo fur babies. My passion for the outdoors started with being my dad’s fishing Buddy, which we were until he passed away in 2019. My husband introduced me to the shooting sports and probably regrets it every day! I started working at Cabela’s in 2008 and it just added fuel to my addiction! I moved up and became the manager of the gun counter and archery department. We went from having 5 Guns to…a lot! Bow hunting is my passion, the quiet and stillness is so soothing. Because of hard work and obsession, I’ve hunted deer and antelope with my bow. My husband and I went to Alaska, on a self guided float hunt for caribou, moose, bear and wolves. It ended up being a super expensive camping trip, because we didn’t punch a tag. However, the knowledge I gained is irreplaceable as well as the experience! I am so excited to be a part of the Shoot Like a Girl team to share my experiences with other women. I had a journey of inexperience and anxiety that I overcame to get where I am today and I hope to share that with many women, so they don’t feel alone. I’ve been there girl!

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