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What Are My Options

“I am 75-years-old and am afraid of firearms. How can I feel safe while walking her dog? What are my options?’

“I’m a college student and can’t carry a firearm on campus. How can I feel safe walking back to my dorm after classes? What are my options?”

Every scary situation does not call for a deadly force option. So, You may be asking yourself, What are my options?

Most people are familiar with O.C. spray – Oleoresin Capsicum, or Pepper Spray. Law Enforcement carry this amazingly effective tool on their belts for a good reason – It works.

If you are not familiar with O.C. sprays, the sprays are chemical irritants intended to temporarily incapacitate human attackers. They do this in a variety of ways. Skin irritation, eye irritation, and inhalation. For the user they provide peace of mind, the effects are temporary – lasting less than an hour when washed off thoroughly with soap and water.

An absolutely fantastic option available for purchase is Sabre Red Pepper Gel.

The canister weighs less than half a pound, comes in a handy case that can be attached to a belt or a purse, and it is easy to activate. Lift the plastic flip-top with your index finger or thumb, and with that same finger depress the spray nozzle, shooting a stream of pepper gel up to eighteen feet.

There are some great benefits to this particular pepper gel:

-the gel is a stream, not a mist, so it won’t blow back in your face. It can be safely deployed inside a building without fear of entering the HVAC system, thereby distributing it throughout the entire building.

-18-foot reach, creating distance between you and whatever needs to stay away.

-it provides up to eighteen bursts.

-the gel has a dye in it that does not easily wash off. If sprayed on a human attacker, the gel will assist law enforcement in identification of the assailant.

-the same strength as what law enforcement carries.

-the flip top and belt holster help keep it secure and guards against accidental discharge.

-has a shelf life of four years, so it doesn’t have to be replaced frequently.

The Sabre website has outstanding training videos to boot. The Sabre line also carries dog spray and bear spray, if you are more concerned about dealing with aggressive animals.

At the end of the day, whether we are looking out for our own personal safety, or the safety of our loved ones, we need to feel secure that the tools and the products we are using will be effective. In many cases, presenting a defense against an attacker will cause them to leave you alone. But if they don’t and you must deploy a force option, temporarily blinding your attacker is a good one. You can escape to safety and call for help. The best way to win a fight – is not be in one.

You can read about Sabres Smart Pepper Spray HERE.

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