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Stories From The Trailer

We have so many impactful stories from trailer events that we thought we would start sharing a few of them with you. The story below comes to us from SLG2 staff instructor Pilar Cobb. Enjoy.

Sabre for the win!  As I spent time outside of the trailer at the gun bar, I had several mother/daughter, father/daughter families want to talk about safety for their high school and college aged girls.  Since their age would prohibit them from having a firearm, we went directly to  pepper spray demonstrations.

Heather and her father returned on Sunday after experiencing the archery, pistol, and rifle stations on Saturday.  They came back specifically to look at the pepper spray.  Dad had lots of questions so we spent a good bit of time with the Sabre Smart Spray with Bluetooth.  They were both so excited and had never seen anything like it before.  Dad was thrilled to know that just by deploying the spray that contacts would be notified.  They took pictures of the Smart Pepper Spray and practiced again with the inert spray.  Heather practiced several times with the pepper spray! I could see her confidence increase each time she handled the spray!  They new this was the correct choice for them and were off to make a purchase.
A young woman who is in her first year of college was with her mother and experienced a pepper spray demonstration.  Her mother was concerned that her daughter walked late at night, sometimes by herself on campus.  I showed them the Sabre Smart Pepper Spray with Bluetooth and immediately mom’s face lit up like “aha”!  This is what we’ve been looking for!  We had a great conversation about the benefits of having the Bluetooth Smart Spray.  Mom was totally on board with the idea of her daughter having such a great tool with her at all times while she was away from home.
It was genuine concern by the parents of these young adults.  I could really see that they had been searching for some type of tool they could offer their kids to help keep them safe.
You can learn more about the Sabre Smart Pepper Spray HERE.
There are also other Sabre Pepper Sprays available, you can see them HERE.
Note: The names of the guests have been changed.
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