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Legal and Financial Protection for Gun Owners

Studies show that most people’s motivation for buying their first firearm is for personal defense.  Uncertainty during this particular period of our history with COVID-19 has seen an exponential increase in first time gun owners.  If you’re one of those people, or you’ve had a gun for a while, there are many types of safety equipment you need: eyes, ears, cleaning kits, training, and also insurance.  Yes, insurance to provide legal and financial protection for yourself and your family.

You should buy it today; in case you need it tonight at USCCA.

Let’s face it, none of us ever want to use our gun in self-defense.  Our firearm is our“insurance” against a bad guy hurting us or our families, but do you know what would happen next, if you every had to cash in that policy and actually stop the threat of a bad guy?  I don’t.  I imagine, from what I’ve read that it will go one of two ways, the police will recognize I did what I had to, or the police will think I’m the bad guy.

That’s a pretty big gamble, and is exactly why I have a USCCA family membership.

It’s scary to think, that we could go to jail for defending ourselves…or even legally transporting our firearms cross country.  We can do everything right, abide by the laws, be responsible gun owners, practice firearm safety, properly store and secure our firearms when not in use, and be proficient with our shooting ability.  Even with all that, if we use our gun for self-defense, we stand a good chance of being detained while the police and the legal system sort out the details.  Those first minutes of questions and answers could impact the rest of your life.

After 911 is called, the next call you should make, as a USCCA member, is to their Critical Response Team.

That team will not only help you with the legal aspects of your unique situation, by providing you a free lawyer, they will also provide comfort and compassion after the trauma of using your firearm for self-defense.  This team may also provide assistance if you face legal challenges related to possessing your firearm.

Don’t wait another day to obtain a USCCA membership.  Buying your firearm was the first step in protecting you and your family from a bad guy; now, ensure you are legally protected should you ever have to defend yourselves or your family.

NOTE:  Shoot Like A Girl receives a referral fee for sales of USCCA memberships.  HOWEVER, we would recommend this legal and financial protection even if we did not gain a commission.  This referral fee helps us continue our mission of empowering women to participate in shooting sports with confidence!




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