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Dub Fincher – Event Operations Manager

Dub joined Shoot Like a Girl from Oklahoma in 2018 as an NRA certified firearms instructor and in 2021 became the Event Operations Manager.

Dub has been an avid shooter since she was young. Her uncle, who was retired from the army, taught her how to shoot pistols and rifles which sparked her interest into shooting sports. She received her first pistol at 25 years old for home protection. When she got divorced at age 36 she realized that in all those years growing up shooting no one had ever taught her how to load and unload her own firearm much less how to clear malfunctions or clean it. She sought out a local women’s shooting group to help build the knowledge she was looking for to be confident in her gun handling skills. She quickly became a NRA Certified Range Safety Officer and went on to be an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.

Dub was introduced to Shoot Like a Girl in 2018 and she knew immediately that they were exactly what she didn’t know she was searching for in her life. She feels that at Shoot Like a Girl she is able to help women overcome their fear of shooting by welcoming them into the trailer and showing compassion and patience. Whether that fear comes from a lack of experience or a traumatic event they are able to walk them through every step of shooting so they are confident from hitting the target, excited to learn more and leave with their heads held high. She thinks the best part of working with Shoot Like a Girl is encouraging and empowering women to be more comfortable and confident in handling and shooting firearms.

When Dub is not traveling with the Shoot Like a Girl team she stays busy at her full time job in the insurance industry which she has worked at since 2004. She recently learned how to shoot a compound bow and spends her evenings and weekends practicing with friends or shooting competitively in 3D archery tournaments. She is also looking forward to going on her first bow hunt this year. It’s definitely a new passion and came at a perfect time since ammo has gotten harder to find and she can step out her back door and shoot her bow without ever leaving the house! She also has two spoiled rotten labradors named Guinness and Stella that love the extra time spent outdoors. She likes to live life to the fullest and enjoys every second she can with friends and family.

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