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Traveling With A Firearm

Traveling with a firearm can be comforting knowing you are taking your safety as a priority. If you travel with a firearm the following are considerations, you will need to think about.

I fly and travel with my firearm wherever I am legally able to do so, but first I check the laws in the state I am traveling to and ensure I am familiar with the local laws. Check out state reciprocity HERE

If you are traveling by plane

If you are traveling by plane you will need a locked box or case. You can use the plastic case your firearm came in as long as the lock does not allow gaps if someone tries to open it. When I travel with a firearm, I use a small handgun safe with a combination lock which works great for flying or visiting family.

The airlines require you to unload your firearms and store all ammunition in a container designed specifically for ammo.

Make sure to have a lock on your suitcase as well.

When you get to the airport you are required to declare your firearms. Be prepared to unlock your suitcase and fill out a short form with your flight information, home address, and phone number. After you sign the back of the card, they will tape it to the locked box containing your firearm. Only once have I been required to open the safe containing my gun to ensure the ammunition was safely stored. Depending upon the airport you may have to wait near the ticket counter for about 15 minutes to ensure the firearm and case are accepted. You can then head to your gate if there are no issues after the allotted time.

In most cases my suitcase is on the baggage claim carousel for pick up at the end of my flight. I quickly go to baggage claim so I can retrieve my suitcase.

While driving I take my small safe

While driving I take my small safe in order to store my firearm when not in use. Otherwise, I will have to carry it on my person. In addition, if I am visiting family, I will have a place to lock my firearm, so it is inaccessible to unauthorized users. As responsible gun owners we must ensure our firearms are secure in order to keep everyone safe.

One of our favorite car safe systems is the Hornady Rapid Vehicle Gun Safe.

Enjoy traveling with your firearms and know it is not as difficult as you might think. Always remember to follow the five safety rules anytime you are around firearms. Have fun on your vacation or traveling for work while being situationally aware.

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