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Suzi Greenlee, SLG2, Inc. Pro-Staff – Committed to Inspiring Women

Committed to Inspiring Women to Participate in Shooting Sports!

I love being a part of the Shoot Like A Girl team and introducing women to shooting sports!  It is an honor and a great privilege to get to travel the country with the fun, amazing, like-minded ladies of SLG and having the opportunity to meet some incredible women across the nation that are eager and excited to learn something new!

It gives me the chance to share my passion for hunting, the outdoors and encourage women to be able to protect themselves if needed.

I have been a part of Shoot Like A Girl’s pro-staff since 2015.  There are so many great stories we all could share from our travels, but one of my most memorable interactions for me was with a lady that had unfortunately been a victim of a home invasion and was actually terrified when she came in.  She wanted so bad to be able to protect herself but didn’t know where to start and was too intimidated to go to a gun counter or range and ask for help.  We spent extra time together learning how to safely handle a firearm, load/unload etc.  By the end of our session together the tears that had been welled up in her eyes were gone and a smile had replaced them.

She felt empowered and was ready to shop for and purchase a firearm that she would be comfortable with, and with the knowledge she gained she felt confident enough that she was ready to go to a gun range to continue to practice and learn more.  There isn’t a much better feeling than being able to encourage someone to try something new, watch them have so much fun doing it and then seeing them leave with a little more confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  That’s good stuff!

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