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Smith & Wesson’s New Offering the CSX

With Smith & Wesson’s new offering the CSX, they have entered the hammer fire, sub-compact market. As a major fan of the M&P line of striker fire guns, I was thrilled to own this little gem and eager to try it out.

Upon opening the box, I was surprised to see it comes with both a 10 and 12 round magazine.

How the engineers made twelve rounds of 9mm ammunition fit in such a little magazine is a wonder to me. Despite the small size, the magazines are extremely easy to load which is always a pleasure.

The pistol back strap is adjustable which is especially important to me as I have long palms and fingers and it is often difficult to maintain a solid grip on small frame firearms. That wasn’t the case with the CSX, due to the adjustable back strap, it fit my palm as though it were made for it. The comfortable fit of the pistol ensures the slide is not difficult to rack and the ambidextrous safety is easy to manipulate with the thumb.

While I love hammer fire pistols, I have been reluctant to carry one for self-defense due to the light trigger pull weight in single action. With the CSX, Smith & Wesson alleviates some of the concern with a more deliberate trigger pull. The trigger pull is very intentional.

Now to the big question: how does it shoot?

I fired thirty rounds through the pistol at distances of 3, 5 and 7 yards. The CSX was incredibly accurate including the further distances and pinpoint accurate at the shorter distances.

Overall, based upon my experience, the CSX gets an A+ and I look forward to carrying the CSX over the next few months. Especially since the summer months are difficult to conceal larger firearms as fewer and lighter clothes make it difficult to hide larger frame firearms. For those looking for a smaller, lightweight, hammer fire, sub-compact pistol I highly recommend the Smith & Wesson CSX 9mm pistol.

As a reminder, always follow the firearm safety rules. You can learn more about Know The Five Firearm Safety Rules HERE.

To learn more from Smith & Wesson check out their video series at GUNSMARTS.

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