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Shoot Like A Girl An Anthem to Live By

I am extremely excited to launch the Shoot Like A Girl Anthem on September 15, 2017 on ITunes.  I asked my friends and songwriters, Tanya Davis and Michael Curtis to collaborate on a song that portrayed the confidence that comes from participating in shooting sports, an attitude that women can accomplish anything we set our minds to, we can provide food for our families and defend ourselves and our families from criminals.  They wrote great lyrics for our message, add a Southern Rock beat, and Angela Hacker on vocals – this song exudes confidence!
This is the right time for the Shoot Like A Girl Anthem.  We need a song that all young girls and women can look to for inspiration to achieve their goals. In my opinion, there is too much messaging, that is contrary to the truth, talking about how down-trodden women are.  This is America!  Almost 100 years ago, women truly suffered to ensure our right to vote and over 50 years ago the equal pay act was established, it is up to us to take advantage of those opportunities.  The Anthem embodies this spirit of hard work in the line, “I work hard for my pay, doing it my way to make it in this world”.
There are some other extremely empowering lines in this song, that all women should be able to find strength in.  One of my favorites is, “They say it’s a man’s world, but you can’t prove it by me”.  As a woman who spent 22 years serving her country as a Department of the Army Civilian, and started a successful business in shooting sports, I live in the professional male -dominated environment and am appreciative of the opportunity, the mentorship I received, and the support from the men in my life; especially my husband, Todd. This line says, I can achieve success, but it doesn’t mean at the expense of or better than a man, rather “good as any man”, as another phrase in the song states.
I’m also proud that the song proclaims hunting as an acceptable lifestyle for women.  “Learned how to live off the land”, is our way of saying that ethical hunting is an important part of conservation efforts and provides organic sustainable food for our families.  Equally important is the stance on the 2d Amendment.  The line, “My .45, my peace of mind, there for my defense” is our continued support of creating safe, responsible gun owners.  Women can sing along with pride, “I’m an outdoor lover, who fights like a warrior, and shoots like a girl.” 
Please help us make the Shoot Like A Girl Anthem a number one hit!  Download it on September 15, 2017 on ITunes and look for matching merchandise on the Shoot Like A Girl Store.  Proceeds from this song enable Shoot Like A Girl to continue to introduce women to shooting sports.
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