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Opening Mornin’

By: Suzetta Wise, Shoot Like A Girl Instructor/Professional Staff

I was snoozing right along this morning, lost in the darkness of the night when my alarm sounded. When I heard it, it was like a totally different alarm was going off from what I had heard the rest of this week. It was the alarm to tell me – it’s opening day of turkey season!

I slowly rolled out of bed, trying not to bother the furbabies or husband. It didn’t matter how hard I tried because those furbabies wanted to get up and go with their Momma. After giving them a potty break and some mornin’ lovings, I took them back to bed and told them they had to stay. They were all the emotions of unhappiness when I spoke those words because adventures in the great outdoors with their Momma is by far their favorite thing to do. Regardless, I locked them up and went on about getting ready.

I got dressed, loaded up the truck, and headed up the hill to the sacred turkey hunting grounds I’ve always loved. It’s a beautiful place nestled in the eastern hills of Sequoyah County, Oklahoma. Thankfully it’s just a short drive from my house, so I was there in no time.

I unlocked and opened the gate and then drove my truck through. As I locked the gate back, the mind wandering began, “Do I stick with my original plan?”, “Do I go over here?”, “Ddo I go over there?”, “I could start here and then migrate over there?”… My mind was all over the place with ideas but I stuck to my plan I’ve had for about two weeks now.

I went ahead and stuck her in 4-high and drove on around to my parking area. As I got out of my truck and gathered my Shoot Like A Girl Alps backpack and my trusty old Hoyt Spyder, I heard a whipperwill close by, along with the sound of the running water I’d soon have to cross. It was dark but so peaceful. You see, it’s this feeling and those kinds of sounds that I love the most about turkey season. It’s the wonderful time of year when winter is over and spring is pushing through. Nature is waking up from its slumber and beginning to bloom with freshness all around.

I began walking down the path, crossed two branches, and was just lost in deep thoughts. My heart was still heavy from laying a dear friend to rest yesterday. I just had to find comfort in the little things that ol Brad would’ve enjoyed on this opening morning. So, I stopped and took in a couple of deep breaths of the morning and made sure to enjoy what the good Lord has provided. I know that Brad would want me to.

Lost in my thoughts, I finally got to the area I wanted to be in and found a set of trees I thought would be alright to lean on. I set down my pack, put my cushion down, and immediately got my bow all settled in and ready.

Now, I just sit in the darkness, perched back on this tree listening and watching as these beautiful woods come to life. I’m absolutely full of so much excitement and thankfulness on this opening mornin’. You see, harvesting a turkey isn’t what it’s all about. It’s these sights, sounds, and most importantly, these feelings I have for my outdoor adventures. It’s the stories I’ll share later in the day with some other hunters at base camp. It’s the proud, fuzzy feelings I’ll share with my husband and family as I tell them all about the wonderful events on this beautiful day. As for now, I’m just gonna kick it on back and enjoy the view as the sun gets ready to come up.

Happy hunting, y’all.



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