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May The Force Of Thermacell Be With You

May the force of Thermacell be with you. The first time I used a Thermacell, I was deer hunting in the swamps of South Georgia.

As I sat in my box stand the mosquitoes swarmed all around me. They were relentless.

I turned on my Thermacell and it was as if a mystical force held them back. I could literally see the swarm about fifteen feet out from the perimeter of my stand. The only way the hunt stand was tolerable was because of my Thermacell. Even better I quickly found out the deer are not alerted by the scent of the Thermacell.

I hunt all around the country throughout the year. My Thermacell is always in my pack. I do take out the propane cartridge when flying and place the unit in my checked baggage. I purchase new cartridges at my hunting destinations. I can’t live without it. It is a staple in my pack from March to November.

I also keep a couple units in my pickup truck for those times we need an extra, or if I plan to share.

Recently my family and I took a trip to the Flat Tops Wilderness Area in Colorado. If you have ever been to the high country in the summer, you know how pesky these mosquitoes can be. The swarms of mosquitoes in the high mountains made some outdoor activities totally intolerable. The blood sucking pests made it impossible to relax and enjoy the view. I had packed my Thermacell unit with a belt clip cover and wore it walking around Trappers Lake and Lodge. When hiking and fishing close to the water we were swarmed immediately. I could see them attached to my clothing, on top of our hats and biting any exposed skin they could find. I solved that problem by lighting up the Thermacell allowing me to enjoy the rest of the hike. I would not have been able to stay long and enjoy the view without my Thermacell.

There are other products on the market that may help with biting insects, but nothing works the way a Thermacell works.

The Thermacell works by creating a protection zone around the area of the unit.

It uses a heated scent free repellent to create the zone of protection. It is so easy to load and lights with a touch of a button. The small propane cylinders and wafers are easy to pack and have on hand.

My Thermacell is one tool I never  leave home without. It keeps me going in the outdoors. I have the Mr300 Portable Mosquito Repeller Hunt Pack.  It allows me to carry several refills and clips right onto my pack or my belt. I don’t venture outdoors without my Thermacell! May the force of Thermacell be with you!

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