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Jamie Meyer – Instructor Highlights

Being able to make a difference in so many women’s lives is truly why I love working with SLG so much. My passion is to truly help grow the shooting sports by teaching more women how to safely shoot firearms and to have fun while doing it. I began my personal shooting adventure in 2007 for self-defense and then it evolved into competitive shooting in 2011. I have been on the SLG Pro-Staff Team since 2014 and every year it keeps getting better. My favorite memory of being on the trailer was at my first SLG show in 2014. We had a client come in that had been through a very traumatic event in her life, she was completely terrified of the noise, so much so that she was visibly shaking.  I remember taking her back outside away from the crowd to hopefully get a little background on why she was so frightened.

The best success we’ll know is helping others to succeed and grow.

Honestly, I really thought she would leave and not give us the opportunity to help her. Once we talked, she calmed down and by then the crowd had dissipated so we went back inside. After I was able to walk her through the shooting fundamentals she became excited to shoot and was grinning ear to ear as she began shooting the target. This moment will forever be implanted in my memory and will continue to motivate me to share my passion with others.

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