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Get a Grip!

Why is it important to have a proper grip, to get a grip? 

Proper grip is a vital step in getting a gun out of a holster or just shooting at a range and is important in controlling recoil and obtaining accuracy. 

These are the steps I use in acquiring a proper grip.  Remember to always practice firearm safety: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.  Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.  Treat every gun like it is loaded, even when you know it is not.

Get a Grip – Step 1: 

Place the gun on the table with the magazine out, slide locked back and chamber facing up to the ceiling. This allows the RSO or anyone walking by to tell that the gun is empty. If you are a right-handed shooter the gun is in a perfect position to pick up. If you are a left-handed shooter, you should then flip it over to the other side before picking it off the table and getting your grip. 

Get a Grip
Keep your trigger finger above the trigger guard

Get a Grip – Step 2: 

Now to pick the gun up, put your finger high and over the trigger guard straight along the frame. Think of this as pointing your index finger towards your target. Your middle, ring, and pinky finger should be tight around the grip. Always make sure the web of your hand is as high on the backstrap of the gun with no gap. Your thumb of course will be gripping on the other side, mirroring your index (trigger) finger. 

Get a Grip – Step 3: 

Your support hand will be filling in all the empty space of this gun. With your support hand, point your thumb towards the target, letting your fingers hang down at a 45* angle. You should be able to put a ruler on top of your thumb, wrist, and arm and it all be straight.  Next place your thumb along the side of the frame under your strong side thumb. Your strong side finger and your support thumb should be about equal on both sides of the barrel,  and you could draw an imaginary line from the tip of both fingers (strong side pointer finger and support side thumb). Wrap the other fingers tightly around on top of the other fingers to support the gun.

The Three and Three (3&3)

You should at this point, have three fingers pointing to your target. Both thumbs on one side of the gun, and your trigger finger on the other side. You should also have three places with no gap. 

  1. No gap under the tang of the gun (backstrap area). 
  2. No gap at your palms. Your hands should marry together 
  3. No gap under the trigger guard of both hands that is around the grip.


The 3 & 3 grip helps you to remember what to check for.  You should firmly grip the gun with both hands but allow your trigger finger to move the trigger without moving your grip. 

When you follow these steps you can acquire a good grip to reduce recoil and improve accuracy.


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