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A Look at a GSSF Match by Jamie Meyer

I attended my 4th outdoor Glock Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) match this past weekend. The match was hosted by Mike Yoder at Trigger Guard Shooting Range in Wellington, Kansas. To enter this match you can either preregister online or you can register the day of the match. This year I choose to preregister so I could hopefully get an early start and beat the heat. You do have the option to shoot the entire match in one day or you can split it up into two days. Since I signed up for 6 divisions and it typically takes 100 rounds of ammo per division, I chose to split it up into two days.

Each day included a safety briefing and a flag raising ceremony which was performed by the Tornado Alley Young Marines.

This was quite impressive and the Young Marines did a fine job on both days. Once the flag ceremony was over the match would officially begin. I would like to add that I really love the fact that GSSF matches have dedicated Range Officers for scorekeeping and volunteers to help you sign in at every stage. This really helps to keep things organized and moving at a good pace. The GSSF match Officials (Pete, Rob, Cindy and Marty) were extremely helpful and did an excellent job keeping everything running smoothly. Mike Yoder, owner of Trigger Guard, also has an excellent group of Range Officers, and volunteers that all deserve some credit for their hard work and dedication to this match. I shot this match last year for the first time and since then I came back every chance I get to shoot with this group of fine folks. Their experience really shines through by knowing how to keep the match running safe and with very little wait times for the competitors. The Trigger Guard, and GSSF staff really made for a great overall match experience, and I plan to go back next year.

We had 10 of our regulars from Oklahoma attend the match, 4 of which are Master GSSF shooters. This is the same group I typically shoot the indoor GSSF matches with and who also got me competing in the outdoor matches. Mike Yoder shared that there were 115 people that shot the match with 358 total entries, and competitors traveling here from 7 states.

Preliminary results came in very quickly revelaing my best division scores:

1st in the Glock Girls out of 15 ladies.

1st place Amateur in Rimfire out of 43.

1st Adult Female, 4th place overall in Amateur Civilian out of 56

1st place Civilian Team

2nd place Amateur in Pocket out of 41

I am very happy with my results and I can see that my hard work is really paying off. I know that I still have more work to do to get ready for the next one but this is definitely my best finish to date. Again, big thanks to Mike Yoder, TG staff and GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation – GSSF for making all of this possible.

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