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Empowering Women to Participate in Shooting Sports

SLG2, INC. Shoot Like A Girl was established in 2008, with a mission to grow the number of women who participate in shooting sports by empowering them with confidence. The first five years focused on archery. The concept was if women could try to shoot a bow, they would love the feeling they get from shooting and join the sport. They developed a process called Test Shots™, and in five years Shoot Like A Girl put bows in the the hands of nearly 3,500 women and grew the number of women archers!

December 2013, Shoot Like a Girl added Firearms Test Shots™ where women can shoot a 9mm pistol, .223 rifle and compound bows in a safe controlled environment. The state-of-the art 53 ft mobile range features a military grade firearms simulation system and a live archery range. The trailer highlights the fact that shooting sports is a viable option for people with physical challenges and/or regardless of physical fitness level.

Shoot Like A Girl is the industry leader in growing the number of women in shooting sports by giving women across the country the opportunity to shoot a pistol, rifle, and bow in a safe controlled women friendly environment, that empowers them with the confidence they can shoot! Since 2008, their impact on the shooting sports industry has totaled over 72 million dollars and continues increase.



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