Tammy Mayfield

About Tammy:

I was raised around guns and learned to respect them at an early age. However, hunting was not a part of our household. It was until I met my wonderful husband in 2003, who introduced me to hunting world. At first, I didn’t think it was my thing. I wanted nothing to do with it. I really don’t know what happened, except the fact that love does crazy things… but I am now truly addicted to hunting and shooting!! I absolutely live for it now. We have a deer lease in Llano, Texas. We love the hill country and plan to retire there someday. Our little boy is 8, and he has been going to the deer stand since he was 6 weeks old. He had rather be hunting and shooting than riding a bike! Our 20 year old daughter is now getting in to bow hunting. We have created a true hunting family and I am grateful for God giving me this life! There is nothing else I had rather be doing, than spending time with my family and hunting.

How I got involved in shooting and or hunting:

I have been shooting guns my entire life. My dad used to always shoot with us growing up. He taught me how important it was to know how to use a gun. My first gun was a 20 gauge that Santa brought me for Christmas at the age of 10. My hunting adventures began with my sweet husband in 2004. He broke me in slowly and it is now our life.

Why I like encouraging/introducing women and beginners into shooting sports/hunting:

When I started hunting, I truly found my passion. I wish I could hunt 365 days a year. Before I met my husband, no one could have ever told me that I would someday find my passion in the world of hunting. NO ONE! I loving doing it, talking about it, and teaching it to other women because I believe there are many women out there like me. I meet them every day. Women who turn their noses up to guns and hunting can learn to enjoy it and become a way of life like it did mine. Men are lucky to have us, ladies! I want to encourage ladies to step outside their comfort zone, you never know what you will discover about yourself. Shooting and hunting is fun, family friendly, and healthy too!

Any other outdoor/shooting activities

My husband and I help our local game warden each year with Father/Son/Daughter Hog hunt. The TPWL come out as well.. we practice shooting guns, bows, teach safety, animal tracks, eat BBQ and go out for a day of pig killing! We have a lot of fun and enjoy interacting with these youngsters! It is a great way to introduce shooting and hunting.

Quick Facts:

How many years have you been shooting a bow? I have been shooting a bow for about 10 years.

Who introduced you to a bow? My husband started me on a “woman friendly” Parker bow.

How many years have you been shooting a firearm? About 40 years.

Who introduced you to a firearm? My dad.

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