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Lock It and Leave It

Everyone has different planning priorities as they prepare for travel no matter if it’s for work or for pleasure. One of my priorities is how to carry my firearm safely and securely in my vehicle, and to be able to lock it and leave it. Thanks to Hornady Manufacturing my latest road trip was a breeze when it came to a dependable way to accomplish that goal! By utilizing their patented RFID technology, my Hornady Security® RAPiD® Vehicle Safe offered me the quickest, most dependable access to my firearm while providing unmatched security from unauthorized users. The quick, hands-free access to my handgun provided a sense of security during my travel that cannot be underestimated.

Now let’s talk about pre-planning and installation.

The owner’s manual which comes with your safe or it can be downloaded from the Hornady website, provides step-by-step instructions to install your safe, but I highly recommend you program and test your RFID tags BEFORE your final install.  I also posted a full step by step video in Instagram, you can watch it HERE. Since the safe won’t be tethered, it’s much easier because the programming button is more easily accessible, and the tag location indicator is also easier to read. It’s also important to remember you can program up to 5 RFID tags to unlock your safe, but only one programmed code can be a numeric code.

If you try to program a second number combination, it will automatically over-ride the first one.

In my opinion and one of the primary reasons I chose the Hornady vehicle safe is the inflatable bladder that molded to my vehicle’s interior which meant I did not have to make any modifications to my car. Not having to drill holes, buy additional hardware or otherwise permanently damage my new vehicle was fantastic, and the key fob provides me quick and dependable, hands-free access to my handgun at all times and the comfort to lock it and leave it!

Full disclosure, I had a challenge when I first received my safe – which is not something I would normally include in my story – however the Hornady customer service team was extremely responsive and handled my concerns with a level of professionalism and courtesy that solidified me as a customer for years to come.

They stand behind their products and will ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase, which is not always the case these days.

So, if you are planning a road trip anytime soon and want one less thing to worry about while ensuring you are always protected and ready for any situation, I highly recommend the Hornady Security® RAPiD® Vehicle Safe. And another big bonus – it works wonderfully for storing other items securely such as your cell phone or wallet on days that you may be using other carry options for your firearm, giving you the comfort of locking it and leaving it!

You can read more about safe storage in an article previously shared on our web page HERE.

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