Julie McDonald

About Julie:

I grew up in suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio and enjoyed playing various team sports (soccer, basketball and fast-pitch softball). My hometown was a city and I was never really exposed or taught shooting sports until I met my husband in college. I did not have any friends that hunted and grew up scared of guns, for the most part.

How I got involved in shooting and or hunting:

I met my husband my senior year of college and he was an avid hunter and shooter. He was actually going through the Ohio Police training soon after we met and I had never been around guns. I decided if I was going to continue with the relationship that I needed to learn to safely handle guns and not be afraid of them.

Why I like encouraging/introducing women and beginners into shooting sports/hunting:

The second amendment is a right to bear arms. I had really been taking that right for grated and not taking on the responsibility myself. All Americans should learn to safely handle guns and not grow up afraid of them. Now I know that my fear of guns was only my lack of knowledge and not having the opportunity or person in my life to teach me.

I feel very blessed to have met my husband and we are now able to teach our children shooting sports. I believe there are a lot of women and youth out there that just need to have a person to teach them shooting sports, give them the proper equipment and training so they do not grow up afraid like I did.

Shoot Like A Girl is giving all women the opportunity to handle firearms and bows that are sized for them. The mobile trailer the company obtained through our generous sponsors is an amazing program which enables women to safely experience and learn to shoot a gun or a bow. Women see for themselves how it feels to shoot a gun or a bow. No need to be scared or afraid anymore—-you did it!!

Other outdoor/shooting activities:

All the below activities I do with my family. My husband, myself, my 12 year old son (Trey) and my 14 year old daughter (Brooke) all compete in activities below:

ASA 3-D archery

USA target archery

SASS Cowboy action shooting

We also make sure to get both my children out hunting during youth hunting season. My husband and I both got our Ohio Hunter education certificates this past year and both kids have passed hunter safety classes. Typically I will be in blind with my daughter and my husband & son will hunt from tree stands. It is great to have that hunting experience together as a family.

Quick Facts:

How many years have you been shooting a bow? 6 years

Who introduced you to a bow? My husband

How many years have you been shooting a firearm? 22 yrs

Who introduced you to a firearm? My husband

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