Jill Sadler

About Jill:

I am married to a wonderful man that thankfully shares the same love for the outdoors and bow hunting as me. We have been together for 10 years and have a 14 year old daughter and a 4 month old son, Jackson Hoyt Sadler. For the past 7 years, I have been a flight attendant and had the opportunity to travel the world. Since having a baby, I’ve retired from travel and returned to college pursuing a degree in nursing. I enjoy all things outdoors, archery tournaments, all types of hunting, bow fishing and spending time with family.

How many years have you been involved in Shooting or Hunting?


Do you shoot Bow or Firearm?


How did you get involved in Shooting or the Outdoors?

I began gun hunting and skeet shooting with my father around the age of 12. My husband got into archery while we were dating and I soon followed. I purchased my first bow in the summer of 2007 and began bow hunting the following season. I enjoy all types of hunting but archery will always be my favorite because the challenge it presents and the preparation and practice involved. Archery is a true skill that builds confidence self-assurance.

I am a huge advocate for women and girls getting involved in archery and hunting. I feel like it builds self-confidence and is a great sport that an entire family can enjoy together. I love that, in a male dominated industry, SLG gives women a voice and helps to spread the word that women are just as qualified and deserve the same respect as archers and consumers.

Have you ever introduced other women/kids to Shooting or Hunting?

Along with my husband, I helped to introduce my step daughter to archery. She shot her first bow in school during an archery program in gym class. She lives in Colorado during the school year and spends the entire summer in Alabama. Two years ago she showed interest in expanding on what she had learned in school. We purchased her a Hoyt Ruckus and she’s been in love ever since. She competes in long bow competitions in Colorado and is such a natural at archery. She loves bow fishing and this will be her first year deer hunting with us during her Christmas break. My husband is a hunter safety instructor and I enjoy assisting with his classes being a positive role model for women and young future archers who are new to archery and hunting.

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