Emily Reinert

About Emily:

I am a 27 year old female who currently works in the healthcare field and am continuing my education to gain my Masters of Nursing, taking general education courses until moving on to the University of Minnesota in the upcoming year. I live in central Minnesota, in a suburb of the cities of Minneapolis/Saint Paul, close enough to the city and close enough to the woods. Being an outdoors woman at heart, I enjoy going to the cabin, hunting, fishing, playing sports, and staying close to family and friends.

How I got involved in shooting and or hunting:

Since I have been hunting at the age of 12 and receiving my firearms safety certification, my passion of the shooting sports continued to grow. I remember my first few years deer hunting in negative degree weather, bundled up, waiting on the few deer we would see, and still enjoying every minute of it with my dad out in the stand. From hunting at the old family farm, to a 280 acre hunting property to various WMA’s, there is always something new to learn and experience, which is why hunting and being outdoors never becomes boring to me. I now have been rifle hunting for 15 years and bow hunting for 7, having had the opportunity to hunt whitetails, bear, turkey, ducks, grouse, and other varmints. I am still on a journey to grow the species of animals that I hunt and varying locations, continuing to share my experiences with friends and family, and enjoying every second of it.

Why I like encouraging/introducing women and beginners into shooting sports/hunting:

Since I have been introduced into hunting when I was a young lady, my dad and uncles tried to get my sister and I involved together. Shooting guns and being outside peeked my interest right away and sitting in a tower stand in the Minnesota cold never bothered my too much. All the years going hunting, I have always been the only girl who hunted in my group of friends throughout middle school and high school. Once college arrived, going to a small school in a smaller town, my passion for the outdoors and hunting seemed to fit in to a larger group of people, many of them being females. Sharing stories and similar experiences only broadened my love of shooting sports and being outside, so encouraging other non-hunting or non-outdoors friends to try something outside their comfort zones seemed natural. I have had the opportunity to educate many women on outdoor activities, both that do and do not involved shooting guns or bows. Now that I have become a Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Instructor, I can further my personal goal of encouraging and empowering the female population to try shooting sports of all types, including rifle, handgun, and archery. I enjoy seeing the women’s faces as they enter the Shoot Like A Girl trailer at our various events and seeing the true enthusiasm and enjoyment of accomplishing shooting a rifle, handgun or bow with confidence.

Other outdoor/shooting activities:

I am currently a Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Instructor as well as a ProStaff member for Shoot Like A Girl, as well as participate in Quality Deer Management practices at our hunting property. I enjoy attending shooting sports/hunting related events held around Minnesota and continue to look for opportunities to expand my hunting endeavors.

Quick Facts:

How many years have you been shooting a bow? Who introduced you to a bow? I have been shooting a bow for 7 years now. I was introduced to archery from my boyfriend and was working at Cabela’s at the time, with my dad also hunting with a bow when I was younger. Becoming interested in archery seemed natural to my hunting personality and I continue to learn new tips and tricks as the years go on. I have become fascinated with the idea of ground blind hunting and getting close to wildlife, especially since I grew up hunting in drives or tower stands.

How many years have you been shooting a firearm? Who introduced you to a firearm? I have been shooting a firearm since the age of 12, which is 15 years now. I was introduced to hunting by my dad, grandpa, and uncles. I enjoyed every part of hunting when I was first involved because my dad made it seem possible instead of scary. I was able to be involved in many aspects of the hunt right from the start because of my dad. When I was hunting with my dad, he let me be the first one to shoot the nice deer walking past, the first one to sight in our rifles for the year, and the first one to test out the grunt call for the season. Being an important part of the hunt from the start of my hunting career instilled in me a passion and sense of enjoyment that I feel I would not have if I did not enjoy the outdoors. The hunting property that my family owns has become a special place for me where I can relax, enjoy every moment of being there, and know that I am with friends and family who are feeling the same sense of companionship and happiness through hunting.

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