Cindy Minor

About Cindy

I am a mother of two awesome kids, Cassie and Seth, and wife to a wonderful husband, Doug. I received my Masters of Science from Oklahoma State University and I am a full time Engineering Program Manager for NASA space programs at Frontier Electronic Systems and part time Teaching Assistant for the Engineering Technology Management Masters program for Oklahoma State University. Cassie and I also make Puff Quilts for babies and provide them for fundraisers when asked. My husband is a coach for the 4H Archery program, so I also help him when needed. I enjoy competing in 3D archery competitions, but most of all seeing all our extended archery family.

How I got involved in shooting and or hunting:

I became involved in archery through our son, Seth. He had heard about 4H Archery, so we inquired. My husband and I decided if we were going to travel to all the competitions, we might as well try it as well. I find it’s a great stress reliever and truly enjoy it. Now we are a family of 4 who all shoot and compete in 3D archery competitions.

I’m a beginner regarding bow hunting and it makes it a little tough when you are scared of heights. I’m learning though and my husband and kids have been teaching me. I’m determined to get a turkey! I use to go deer hunting (rifle) with my dad for years until he passed away in 1994, and I just haven’t been able to go again yet because it was our special time together. My husband and I use to go quail and pheasant hunting, but the populations are so small in my area that you can’t find many anymore.

Why I like encouraging/introducing women and beginners into shooting sports/hunting:

I enjoy encouraging women to try shooting a bow because I know how it has helped me. I let them know my personal experience. Life is so fast and seems to get faster every year that goes by. Picking up a bow forces me to slow down and take a moment for myself and truly enjoy a moment of pure silence between just me and the wilderness. As a mother, I believe all mothers need this moment of pure calm.

Shooting a bow also gives you a sense of pure focused accomplishment. You aren’t multitasking as in everyday life. You must focus on the shot and forget the million other responsibilities that constantly fill your head. It also provides an activity the entire family can actually enjoy together. There aren’t many sports that exist that a couple or the entire family can actually participate in together, but in archery you can. You aren’t forced to take the spectator position; you can actually participate if you choose.

Also, all of us ladies have a BLAST shooting together! We all want to do well, but more importantly we really enjoy each other’s company too. It’s like a family reunion traveling to the competitions and seeing everyone every year. It’s fun to support each other and we teach each other the new tips we learn during the year.

Once I tell women all this, they become enthused and willing to give it a try. Most love it and a few decide it’s just not for them. Either way, we have fun, which is what it’s all about!

Quick Facts:

How many years have you been shooting a bow? 3 years

Who introduced you to a bow? My son, Seth.

How many years have you been shooting a firearm? Several years

Who introduced you to a firearm? My dad, David Walton, when I was 10.

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