Christa Forrester

Christa loves being a part of the Shoot Like A Girl Instructor team. She joined the Shoot Like A Girl team in 2018 as a Staff Instructor and recently has also added Account Executive to her duties. She often comments about the personal reward of watching the Shoot Like A Girl clients have their “AHA” moments and connect with shooting.

In 2015 she opened her own firearms instruction company teaching firearm safety and responsibility

Her mission of helping people gain confidence through education has broadened the spectrum of the courses she teaches, moving outside of the fundamentals of Shooting to a focus on situational awareness and becoming your own self protector.

Her love of the outdoors and her Shoot Like a Girl family connection gave her the confidence to take the steps and go on her first hunt in 2019. The peace and serenity along with the challenge of the hunt has given her a new reason to get outside!

When she is not traveling, teaching and training she is either at home in Blue Ridge Georgia with her loving supportive husband, Jeff and their two GSD Babies Bella and Baylee or on the road to see her grandchildren (10 in all).

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