April Mack

About April:

My family is strong in faith and we rely on each other. I am 41-years old and am married to my high school sweetheart, recently celebrating 21-years. We have 2 kids; a 19 year old daughter with special needs and a 12 year old son. Our son is following in the footsteps of us with hunting. I love the fact I can share with him that women can hunt, and be successful at it too. Our daughter shot a turkey last spring – that was really cool! We hunt basically from the end of Aug (Archery for deer and elk) through the end of May. I hunt deer, elk, turkey, upland and water fowl. We have German Wire Hair pointers for our bird hunting and are truly in awe when I watch the “boys” do their stuff!

I love all aspects of hunting, the early morning rise to getting back out for an evening hunt. The overwhelming emotions when we harvest an animal and just being able to experience God’s great creations. But most of all, this is time as a family we can spend together… With busy schedules between work and school, this is our time to unwind and reconnect.

I love anything that involves outdoor activity. As a family we are very active in hunting and fishing as well as biking, hiking, camping or any other opportunity to get out. Any spare time I have I am usually doing activities outdoors.

How many years have you been involved in Shooting or Hunting?

On and off since I was a kid, but consistently the last 4 years.

Do you shoot Bow or Firearm?


How did you get involved in Shooting or the Outdoors?

Growing up with 2-olders brothers, my dad would take us out for deer hunting. That was with rifle. We would do target practice occasionally as well. My involvement was not nearly what it is now. My husband introduced me to bow hunting and bird hunting; he has taught me pretty much everything I know about it and still continues to educate me. Along with hunting we do skeet shooting and target practice. But rarely have time during the hunting season (10 months out of the year).

My dream is to have more involvement with outdoor activities (volunteering, group involvement, staffing etc). This is where my heart lays and I am on a mission to full fill this dream. I would bring a West Coast presence, which caters to a different demographic of hunters. I am currently involved in a few outdoor organizations. Christian Bow Hunters, and the Oregon Bow Hunters Assoc. I am enrolled to take a class to become a bow instructor later this month. As well as upbeat and positive energy, I would bring a positive representation of SLG to potential followers and patrons. Relaying what it means to be an ethical hunter as well as responsible outdoorswomen. I am looking to expand my experiences with outdoor organizations and share experiences with other women with similar interests and possibly assist in teaching or mentoring others to become involved

Have you ever introduced other women/kids to Shooting or Hunting?

Early this year, as Director of Women in the Outdoors (WITO) for the Oregon Chapter, I created a Mother’s Day skeet shoot and luncheon. I organized the location, meals, raffle prizes and activities. It was a complete success! We had approximately 10 ladies show up; one of them was a young 12-year old lady! The experience ranged from ladies that competed in shooting events to ladies that had never touched a shot gun. They were taught safety of the gun, proper gun handling and proper shooting stance and form.

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